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The Amazing Story of Rieko the Jack Russell

  • By Shankar Puri

The Amazing Story of Rieko the Jack Russell

We had the absolute privilege of meeting and photographing Rieko for our Nineline Photoshoot. Owner, Michelle Carlow, shared the tear jerking story of how she came about owning Rieko:

"At only 6 weeks old, Rieko lay on my consultation table dying from a life threatening viral infection, known as Parvo virus. The virus was attacking the cells lining his intestines, causing them to die and slough off.

He had been vomiting excessively and bloody diarrhoea stained the towel that his frail body was wrapped in. There is unfortunately no medical cure for Parvo virus, but he would need intensive medical intervention and nursing care to keep his little body strong enough to try fight the disease.

Due to financial constraints, the owners declined treatment. Euthanasia seemed to be the only remaining option, but my heart was already invested in helping this tiny puppy that had been dealt such a cruel blow so early in his life. He was surrendered into my care and I immediately started the essential treatment protocol of intravenous fluids, anti-neausea, antibiotics, gastroprotectants, force feeding of a high calorie diet and most importantly, love and care.

I would never allow a patient in my care to suffer, so keeping him comfortable, warm and loved was my priority. It would take 4 days and sleepless nights before Rieko finally had enough strength to wag his tail for the first time. Complications plagued his recovery, but 2 months later, Rieko was discharged from hospital.

There was no question that he not only had a special place in my heart, but a permanent place in my home. Together my husband, Raymond and I adopted Rieko, the puppy we had fought so hard to keep alive, and who has continued to fill our lives with so much joy!"

Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your story and we are in absolute awe at your determination and unconditional love for Rieko. He was a superstar and we look forward to meeting him again!

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