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Mr. Miyagee - A Small Dog Inspiring A Nation

  • By Shankar Puri

Mr. Miyagee - A Small Dog Inspiring A Nation

Mr. Miyagee is no ordinary dog! He is 10month old Chocolate Tri-Colour Longcoat Chihuahua and is a certified emotional support and therapy pet to a 7 year old boy. Small but mighty! 

On his journey traveling the world, he inspires a nation as the Ambassador of Pet Mall SA's Dare 2 Care Campaign with stories of courage, bravery, respect and unconditional love. Next stop... Europe!

In his free time, he enjoys participating in dog shows, doing reviews of pet food focusing on nutrition and wellness, toy and accessory blogger. He is also a well known and loved public figure and advocate against bullying in schools and animal abuse.

Mr. Miyagee is proudly sponsored by: Century City Motors, Untamed Animal Health, Dotsure, Hills Pet Nutrition, Pet Wellness Worx, Dogwear Friendship Collar, Wefit SA, Roonoo, Digitial Pet ID Tags and Ricky Litchfield.

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