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Kiara, Sarafina and Sarbie

  • By Shankar Puri
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Kiara, Sarafina and Sarbie

Kiara is the smallest dog in South Africa. She was rescued two years ago from a breeder that did not want her as she was not sell worthy due to an inherent underbite. Since she was rescued by her loving owner Jackie, she has become an emotional support dog with a great social media presence. She has an instagram following of almost 4500 followers, she was the SPCA's pup of the year in 2016, Instant Tag winner in 2017 and was also featured in the film Bring it On. She is loved by everyone that meets her and it was a real pleasure to work with her during our first Nine Line By Savara shoot. Find her on instagram as: Kiararsa

Sarbie and Sarafina are two beautiful chihuahuas that were rescued from a backyard breeder through Wet Nose Animal Charity. Together they have found a loving family and now part of a pack that make up 6 chihuahuas in total. To find out more about the rescue centre they were adopted from check out https://www.facebook.com/WetNoseARC/






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